My Story - It's a Crazy and Amazing Life!

If you ask me who I am… I will tell you that I’m a SOLUTION FINDER and PUZZLE SOLVER. Yes, I admit it: I love puzzles and finding solutions!

That’s why I called my company Red Horse Solutions, where I provide Wholehearted, Positive Solutions for Humans and Horses.

My life story has given me amazing learning opportunities to grow, to become a better “me” and to find solutions when I thought I couldn’t go further. My never ending goal is to expand happiness and joy by helping other to also live their life WholeHeartedly.

Living life WholeHeartedly to me means you can CHANGE your relationships for the better, transform YOUR life and impact the WORLD. It’s an amazing, never ending journey… and THAT is a good thing!

Horses can be our teacher when we are willing to listen and observe...they help us grow and prosper and we can do the same for them, putting GENUINE CONNECTION above all...

I grew up in Germany as a horse crazy kid in a non-horsey family. Even at an early age I realized that traditional horsemanship was about dominating the horse instead of finding understanding and lightness in communication. I turned to alternative training methods and volunteered at a horse rescue for several years.

Eventually, I started a small boarding facility, shared my knowledge with others and continued to learn more about what makes horses and humans really tick.

My parents owned and managed one of the largest Jaguar, Honda, Rover and Land Rover car dealerships in Germany. With 50 employees, I was also part of the administration and management with varying responsibilities in accounting, financing, marketing, sales and business planning for eight years until my departure to the United States. I came here because I had a dream: I wanted to make a positive difference for horses and humans. I also wanted to live closer to nature and in a less crowded environment.

Along the journey, life threw in a few boulders and mountains to climb… We invested every penny of our savings into buying a working cattle guest ranch in Colorado. Shortly thereafter, our business partner committed fraud, and we lost most of our investment, almost a quarter million dollars.

Loosing everything took a toll. However, we decided to stay and try again. We saw a market niche and opened up a computer store. I wrote a detailed business plan, and we were able to borrow $5000 from a local bank. Remember, we had NO money!

While I had not planned to work yet again behind a desk… our plan succeeded. As co-owner and founder of Computer Edge I was a vital part of achieving profit within the first year, tripling store size within three years and grossing over $800,000 in the 4th year. Our store achieved the status of the only Intel Premier Provider in Southern Colorado, with only about 100 IPP’s in the whole US.

While the business grew, my health failed. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, an autoimmune dis-ease where the lining of the bladder dissolves. To make a VERY long story KINDA short: While sitting in my doctor’s waiting room, I found Louise Hay’s book “You can Heal your Life”.

My health issues and this book sent me on a quest to fix what needed to be fixed, to learn how to say NO, to find my wholistic balance and, in the end, happiness. My horses were my teachers. Relationships that didn’t serve me any longer dissolved, new ones were formed. There were lots of tough lessons I had to learn. I dug myself out of the hole and waded through the muck I had created in my life.

At the end of the tunnel, there was light! As Brene Brown says so perfectly: "I became healthier, more joyful, and more grateful than I had ever felt. I felt calmer and grounded, and significantly less anxious… I learned how to worry more about how I felt and less about 'what people might think'."

I was setting new boundaries and began to let go of my need to please, perform and perfect. I started saying no rather than sure (and being resentful and pissed off later). While digging deep to heal my life, I fulfilled my dream of becoming a Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor. After 17 weeks of continued education I received encouraging reviews as assisting instructor at the Parelli Colorado Campus  and was listed as one of the top two 2Star Instructors out of about 120 Parelli Professionals. As a Parelli student for almost two decades and a Parelli Instructor for over three years I gained a thorough understanding of Humanality, a system that is built on finding your personal strengths by understanding yourself, your horse – and other humans.

After both of my parents passed away in 2011 and 2012, I took another hard look at what I wanted to achieve in my life. What was it that I wanted to do and be? In the end, I resigned as a Parelli Instructor. I just wanted to be “me”. I wanted to follow my own bliss. No strings attached.

So I continue to write my story. I have learned, lived and laughed my way through it, I have climbed mountains while sometimes scraping my knees and shedding tears in the process, just to get back up and try again. Loving those around me and loving myself while setting healthy boundaries has become an important part of my story.

Along my journey I met Dr. Patrick Handley, who is the co-creator of Humanality. As psychologist and personality assessment expert, Dr. Handley founded Insight Institute, an organization dedicated to helping people integrate their personality strengths into their work and personal relationships. In 2013, I became certified as INSIGHT INVENTORY® Instructor by Dr. Handley personally and eventually the Administrator and Producer of his Relationship Transformation Online Courses.

It’s my love for life and creatures of all kind, including humans, that brought me to wanting to make a difference for horses and humans alike. It’s my story that has enabled me to become a solution finder & puzzle solver.

My latest creation is GENUINE CONNECTION and the four Building Blocks;

  • Natural Horse Habitat™
  • Healthy Physiology
  • WholeHearted Communication
  • Fearless Insight

I have been there. I’ve done it. I am here for YOU!

Whether you are a horse owner or a horse lover, whether you are here to elevate the relationship with your Horse, your Self or other Human Beings, or all of above.. I am here to SUPPORT YOU!

Finding Solutions is my Business… Teaching Life Skills is my Passion. Horses are my Co-Teachers. Helping this world become a better place for all living beings is my MISSION by helping YOU to transform YOUR life and relationships to what you’ve always dreamed about. It's a ripple effect.

Petra Christensen

Live Your Life WholeHeartedly! TRANSFORM your Relationships. Change YOUR Life. Impact the WORLD. It’s a simple Ripple Effect…

With much Love,

Petra Christensen

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