Ingela Larsson Smith: True Connection Online Courses

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Through the True Connection Online Courses, you will learn how to build the foundation
for a relationship with your horse that is based on love, trust and honor.

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Ingela's Unique, Natural Approach to Horsemanship
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Ingela uses a natural approach to communicate with horses, meaning she communicates with them in the same way as horses communicate with each other. The Secrets of the Horse Natural Approach is based on the communication of the lead mare in the herd. This approach honors the horse and centers on building trust without dominance, using a language he understands. With this approach you can create a connection so strong that the horse will respond to even just a thought.

Individuals or Family?


Horses and humans are fundamentally different. Humans are individuals by design, and will therefore often treat the horse as an individual too. Horses on the other hand are herd animals and deeply desire to connect with other herd members. The connections a horse forms within his herd are vital for his wellbeing and survival, because they provide him with love, peace (safety) and joy. When humans approach horses as individuals, they unknowingly take away the fulfillment of these important needs, which prevents the horse from performing in accordance with his potential. It is therefore important that we invite the horse to form a herd with us so we can become our horses’ provider of love, peace and joy.


Healing the Heart


In order to invite the horse into a family connection with us, we as humans first need to make sure that we are able to connect with the horse ourselves! Anything that prevents you from being your authentic self, e.g. hurt from the past or fear, will prevent you from truly connecting with your horse. The healing of your heart can break through these barriers to connection. Through this healing you will be able to make a heart to heart connection with your horse, where love, peace and joy can freely flow from you to the horse. No horse will be able to resist these gifts you offer and every horse will gladly connect with you!

Everything Becomes Possible


As we connect with the horse and provide him with all he needs, the horse will enter a soft and relaxed state of mind, which will help him to find relaxation in motion. This will increase his performance enormously and allows him to reach his full potential as a strong and happy athlete. By understanding the horses’ nature and seeing the world from his point of view, we meet the horse where he is at and are able to take him to where he has never been before.

Course Sample Videos

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Foundation Course - What Will I Learn?

The focus of this course is on understanding how to build a deep and true connection with your horse – a heart connection.

Ingela will teach how belief structures affect our human/horse relationships and how barriers between us and our horses are broken down. You will learn about the healing of your heart and how to build an intimate connection with your horse. This process will teach you how to overcome fears in yourself and help your horse overcome his fears.

You will learn about the family structure of the horse herd and how the lead mare cares for and protects the herd. By understanding the motives and mindsets of the lead mare, you gain insight on how to become your horse’s safe place.

Through Ingela’s teaching you will receive the keys to become a true lead for your horse and learn how different types of horses communicate. You will study phases; how to shape space; skills for gentling; awareness of living in the now as well as how to be one with your horse. You will understand how to communicate with your horse using thought and energy, through which true lightness and harmony are created.

Online & Liberty Course - What Will I Learn?

This course is concentrated on refining the communication learned in the True Connection Foundation course and going to a deeper level in the connection with your horse.

Ingela will share how your thoughts affect the way your horse sees and perceives you, and will teach you how you can further develop your skills as a lead for your horse.

You will learn how to communicate more clearly using thought and energy and how to offer your horse what he is looking for. You will discover how to become his place of peace. The focus is on relaxation and harmony in motion.

Ingela will explain the principles for building a strong connection at liberty and a relationship that is free of fear for both horse and human. You will be equipped with the keys to be fully connected with your horse over a distance and to communicate without lines and in open spaces.

You will be able to take notes on a step by step liberty guide that starts at a standstill and builds up to canter circles, figures of eight, flying lead changes and more. The goal is for your horse to want to be with you, to help your horse move with straightness on a circle, build power and engagement as well as increase relaxation and trust. The results are true connection, lightness and straightness.

Please note that the True Connection Foundation Course is a prerequisite for the True Connection Online & Liberty Course.

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The Online Courses - How Will They Work for me?

This course will be delivered to you on our dedicated membership course platform. It’s not different from studying online at a university. Each course comes with 3 modules which consists of the full length of Ingela's theory teachings each day of the course, filmed in a real classroom session.

You will be able to use the comment section under each video to share your insights and thoughts. Ingela might pop in once a while and check your postings, so take advantage of this offer to connect with the True Connection Community!

The site keeps track of your progress for you and will conveniently direct you to the last video you watched.

Just like in the live courses, Ingela will guide you through the step-by-step process of building True Connection between you and your horse.

You will have life-time access so you can re-watch individual segments as needed and for your convenience. The membership course platform is optimized to be viewed on your computer, lap top, tablet and smartphone from anywhere around the world!

What do Others say?

Go in with an open heart and it will change your life and make your dreams possible!

Melanie Garner

No one teaches what Ingela’s course teaches. She helps us understand why the connection with our horses are not as strong as they could be and she gives us the keys to a true heart connection/bond to our horses!

Corrie Sepcich

I agree with Kathy, we learned so many valuable things with Ingela, it’s hard to choose! Being from a performance horse background, it was valuable to know you can’t force connection, only performance. My goal now is more about the “we” and being a true partner “with my horse. I also LOVED all the herd instinct information!

Judy Collins

Life changing and horse changing!

Leta Wilson Parker

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